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Take us Home Country Roads

From time to time we may have an older dog that for any reason we may need to find a forever home for, Those will be posted here


Tillie is a 7 year old female Westie.  She is a great dog and is a wonderful momma.  It is time to retire.   She is deaf and that has created extra hurdles however it is so warming to see the world through the eyes of one of God's loving animals that has to utilize her other senses.  She will require EXTRA  patience.  She watches our feet as she follows us instead of watching where we are going.  She is a mellow girl, the puppy spirit shows itself from time to time.  Not much of a snuggler but she likes to be near her humans, sitting on the couch or lying on our bed to following me around the yard and from room to room in the house. She enjoys going for rides in the car or the off road vehicle from time to time as well.  She is 90% potty trained, its the cold wet weather that causes her to regress.

She is a joy to have around, her special need will cause us to be EXTRA cautious in the family we choose.


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